Solibri Introduces Solibri Model Checker v8

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Solibri Introduces Solibri Model Checker v8, Emphasizing the Effectiveness and Ease of BIM QA/QC

Solibri, Inc., the leader in Model Checking technology and innovation for design quality assurance and BIM analysis, announces the release of Solibri Model Checker v8 (SMC v8). This release emphasizes the ease and effectiveness of BIM QA/QC and model analysis by introducing unparalleled and unique step-by-step QA/QC process support.


Solibri, Inc. Leads BIM Innovation, Defining BIM QA/QC by Introducing the BIM Quality Wizard

“Widespread adoption of BIM is targeting better buildings, more economic design solutions, more effective construction and sustainable development. These targets require meeting the requirements and needs of different stakeholders, and being able to verify the right quality in design and construction.” states Mr. Heikki Kulusjärvi, CEO of Solibri, Inc. The key for meeting the ever increasing requirements is the ability to perform Quality Assurance, the set of systematic tasks used to assure the quality of a product, and Quality Control, the process of verifying that requirements are consistently met.

“BIM requirements exist out of necessity. Solibri, Inc. has provided the AEC industry with the state-of-the-art BIM QA/QC and analysis solution, Solibri Model Checker, improving design quality and the effectiveness of the construction phase. The key challenge has been that implementing practical and repeatable BIM QA/QC is difficult and requires expertise and experience. We are especially proud to announce SMC v8, since this solves the above QA/QC challenge by introducing step-by-step process support. It enables the AEC community, for the first time, to perform repeatable QA/QC and BIM analysis tasks with unsurpassed ease from project to project, and to implement a BIM Quality Assurance process, guided by clear and concise instructions.” states Mr. Heikki Kulusjärvi.

Easy, Effective and Globally Customizable QA/QC

“By introducing the Solibri Model Checker v8, we make it possible for our users to define how QA/QC tasks are performed, create dependable, reliable and useful Quality Assurance reports, and communicate these to other project stakeholders. Stakeholders are then able to comment on any issues discovered, establishing the Solibri Model Checker as an excellent communication and collaboration tool at the same time. We are also happy to introduce – again as an industry first - BIM quality measurement and reporting, giving our users a clear and consistent picture of the BIM quality from project to project.” continues Mr. Kulusjärvi.

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Solibri, Inc. is the leader in BIM quality assurance and quality control, providing out-of-the-box tools for BIM validation, compliance control, design process coordination, design review, analysis, and code checking. Solibri’s corporate mission is to develop and market quality assurance solutions that improve the quality of BIM-based design and make the entire design, review and construction process more productive, cost effective, and consistent.

Solibri’s customers include major building owners, construction companies, architects and engineering firms in 70 countries.