Solibri LLC and Design Integrations Inc. Form a Strategic Relationship to Provide Best in Class BIM

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, October 29, 2008 – Solibri LLC announced today that it has appointed Design Integrations, Inc., located in Marietta, GA, as a Solibri Authorized Reseller Partner.

Jonathan Widney, CEO of Solibri LLC (the US HQ of Solibri) stated, “This relationship is important and exciting for both companies. We share a vision that is focused on accelerating the adoption of real BIM. The objective is that all project stakeholders, from the owner to the sub-contractors, share in the tangible benefits brought about by increased efficiencies and productivity on every BIM project. Design Integrations has a great reputation for delivering high value products and services, and we share a commitment toward our customers. Again, Solibri wants to work only with the best partners and Design Integrations is certainly one of the best.”

Angi Izzi, President of Design Integrations said, "We are excited to add Solibri to our suite of products and solutions we currently provide to the AEC marketplace. As early adopters in the Virtual Building arena, we have assisted our customers to appreciate coordination benefits through the entire building process. As BIM is finally becoming mainstream and embraced across multiple disciplines, partnering with Solibri will enable us to better validate a 'design intent' model. Solibri complements our current BIM solutions as it provides quality modeling analysis for interoperability."

Solibri Model Checker is the leading out-of-the-box software that automates the quality assurance and analysis of BIM models, including compliance with customer created guidelines and building code requirements. The Solibri products which include the Issue Locator, the Solibri Model Checker and the free of charge Solibri Model Viewer and Solibri IFC Optimizer are all based on international Industry Foundation Class (IFC) standards and file format. This enables the Solibri Model Checker to aggregate model files from any BIM Authoring Software applications which can export an .IFC file, then perform an almost infinite number of analytical ‘checks’ with respect to that model. The Solibri Model Checker is truly leading edge BIM technology, as these ‘checks’ will make use of the information (not just the geometry) from the model to determine if the design is acceptable, valid, constructible or code compliant. Solibri is delivering the “I” in BIM!

About Design Integrations, Inc.
Founded in 1995, Design Integrations was one of the first companies to offer BIM (Building Information Modeling) services and technology solutions.  As the AEC industry continues to evolve, Design Integrations remains committed to staying ahead by providing leading edge BIM solutions with enhanced collaboration tools that foster a totally integrated process. With extensive experience in architecture and construction, Design Integrations continues to provide consistent support as their customers refine their processes and practices to maximize the benefits of BIM. Design Integrations builds and retains solid relationships, which are measured by their customers success.

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About Solibri
Solibri was established in 1999 to develop and market solutions that assure the quality of Building Information Models and make the entire design process more productive and efficient. Solibri is well recognized as the pioneer in providing out of the box software that automates the BIM Design Review, Analysis and Code Checking process. Customers include building owners, facility managers, general contractors, construction managers, architects and engineering firms worldwide. Solibri’s Headquarters are located in Helsinki, Finland and the US HQ are located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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