Solibri Model Checker Link for ArchiCAD

This add-on directly integrates Solibri Model Checker and ArchiCAD. The building model is transferred from ArchiCAD to Solibri Model Checker with only one click. The exported models can be checked against several requirements in Solibri Model Checker. During analysis Solibri Model Checker automatically assigns severity classification to all design issues found. The identified design problems are directly sent back to ArchiCAD for clarification and fixing. The work flow is smooth, easy and productive. Solibri Model Checker link for ArchiCAD is an add-on which creates SMC menu (short for Solibri Model Checker). Thus ArchiCAD and Solibri Model Checker are directly integrated. Solibri Model Checker link for ArchiCAD works via bi-directional connection with ArchiCAD making interoperability and quality control very efficient. In practice the most effective way is to incorporate quality assurance into the design and modeling work flow. This yields the best results. Because the model can be very easily checked with Solibri Model Checker quality assurance gives also direct feedback on the quality of the model and expertise of the modeler enabling learning. This way Solibri Model Checker is also a learning tool enabling organizations to create competencies in BIM. The model is transferred from ArchiCAD to Solibri Model Checker with one click using SMC menu command ”Export to SMC’” There are no extra steps or conversions. One click does it all. Rules are grouped in Solibri Model Checker into rule sets intended to be used for checking the model from a certain perspective. In the picture on the left a BIM validation rule set is used. The rule set analyses the model and determines what is the quality of the model: can the model be considered as a valid BIM model, and what design issues exist. Solibri Model Checker does the analysis automatically. During the analysis Solibri Model Checker also assigns automatically severity classification to all design issues found. Thus Solibri Model Checker automates the time consuming and tedious tasks in BIM quality assurance making the work flow, modeling and quality assurance more efficient omitting the human factor in quality control. In addition to BIM validation Solibri Model Checker comes with a set of out-of-the box rules sets for structural and MEP engineers. Rule sets can be used for egress and accessibility analysis and intersection checking just to name a few anasysis Solibri Model Checker is capable of. All design issues are visualized in Solibri Model Checker for the designer with detailed information on the design issue such as a plain language description, component identification and quantity information. In the picture there are two visualized wall components partly inside each other. The design issue was found by Solibri Model Checker’s BIM validation rule set. BIM validation is the first step in producing flawless high quality building information models. Design issues such the one presented in the picture would cause errors in quantities and cost engineering, purchasing and during the construction phase if undetected during the design phase. Selected components are made ready for ArchiCAD by setting them in the selection basket, a type of clipboard in Solibri Model Checker. This way building owners and for example construction companies in project development business benefit directly from quality assurance. Catching design issues in the design phases saves costs in the construction and use phase. Design Issues found by Solibri Model Checker are transferred directly from Solibri Model Checker to ArchiCAD using ArchiCAD’s SMC menu command ”Get Selection Basket From SMC”. Imported selection basket contents are selected automatically in ArchiCAD for easy model update. Seamless collaboration. The design issues can know be fixed very easily by removing the extra wall component with a right click in ArchiCAD. The work flow is extremely smooth, easy and productive. Naturally BIM validation is only one of tens of quality checks Solibri Model Checker is able to perform. With Solibri Model Checker building information models can be checked for accessibility, egress routes can be analyzed, and even rules can be created for analyzing models by different design disciplines against company specific or national BIM requirements. Solibri Model Checker has rule sets for analyzing architectural, structural and MEP models as well BIM validation. In addition many companies use Solibri Model Checker to create and maintain their own rule sets. BIM, design team collaboration and quality assurance made easy.