Solibri Model Checker Release Notes v9.7.8

Below are the release notes and information on what has been improved in Solibri Model Checker v9.7.8. The main improvement areas concern presentation handling. We have also fixed some minor bugs.    Solibri Model Checker v9.7.8 Release Notes   Improvements:
  • Vertical scroll bar in Issue Details modified to follow focus change that is done with tab
  • Issue sorter scroll bar modified to step one issue at a time when clicking the up/down arrows of the bar
  • Default responsibilities (ARC, STR, MEP) in Issue Details view shown only when no responsibilities are defined
  • Viewpoint GUID is removed when viewpoint is updated
  • Added a possibility to modify responsibilities from the bottom of 3D view in the presentation layout
  • Added BCF Status as a possible keyword to coordination report (<SLIDE_BCF_STATUS>)
  • Added warning to the user when trying to import a corrupted BCF file
  • Removed a possibility to change role default rulesets in Role selection dialog
  • Added a new coordination report template with larger pictures
  Bug Fixes:
  • Location of Openings Should Be Same rule in Structural versus Architectural Models Ruleset has been parameterized to ignore intersections of filled openings
  • Rule hyperlinks behavior improved
  • [Rule#1] Exceptions for orthogonal intersections between pipes and walls were not always working
  • [Rule#11] Gave poor issue name when checking 'Any' components
  • [Rule#206] Gave sometimes produced an issue for identical stairs because of problems in bottom area calculation
  • Changing classification didn't set Information Takeoffs to unsynchronized state
  • Extension manager didn't work with non-ASCII characters in file names
  • Synchronized the issue components when presentation issue is linked with an issue in Results view that belongs to a group of issues
  • Next/Previous slide didn't work when issues were sorted in other than default order in slide list
  We have also uploaded new versions of BIMcollab® 3 BCF Managers for Revit, ARCHICAD and Tekla to the Solibri Solution Center. You’ll find it from Solibri Solution Center Products view.