Solibri Model Checker Release Notes v9.7.9

Below are the release notes and information on what has been improved in Solibri Model Checker v9.7.9  
  • Area calculation for some complex components
  • Updating SMC files occasionally resulted in a corrupted file -which couldn’t subsequently be opened.
  • Dragging issues between presentations:  When “Show only marked issues” was turned on, all issues were shown (even those with the “Show only marked issues” off flag) when moving an issue. Also new issues created when the flag is automatically on now get flagged.
  • Issue search was occasionally slow
  • SMC running slower when editing a specific ruleset
  • BCF files exported from a SMC model that was originally created by using the direct ArchiCAD link didn’t work (this fix will work only with new SMC-ArchiCAD20 link)