Solibri Model Checker Release Notes v9.8.17

This maintenance release focuses on Japanese support and PDF handling among other improvements:   Japanese support:
  • Version and documentation
PDF handling:
  • Improved picking when moving PDF
  • Visibility in slides
  • Possibility to pick measurements through transparent areas on PDF
Please check below for more detailed information about this maintenance release Rules:
  • [#235] Remove extra brackets in issue title
  • [#236] Improved issue categorization
  • [#236] Improved visualization in issues around staircases
  • [#1] Sometimes components that didn't even touch created issues
  • [#1] Sometimes the "Light fixture whose lower elevation matches the elevation of suspended ceiling" exception created issues
  • You can now pick the drawing from 3D and see its info
  • Improved picking of drawing lines and intersections
  • Improved performance on PDF import
  • Transparent areas of PDF don't block picking anymore
  • PDF drawings as footprints now properly working
  • Cropping doesn't create black areas in the PDF anymore
  • Align drawings is now undoable
  • PDF can now be added to selection basket
  • Improved interactive placement of drawings
  • Added support for predefined Type for IFCTYPE objects
  • Calendar component is now localized
  • Improved icons
  • Footprints are now shown when spaces are reported in ITO
  • ITO tables now scroll properly
  • IFCFLOWTERMINAL in ITO now only reports flow terminals
  • Mac - Improved 3D performance
  • Section plane selection improvements in 3D view
  • Navigation map floors are now properly updated
  • Double clicking the cell in checking results now creates a slide
  • Issue sorter dialog performance improved
  • Flagging in the issues window has been improved
  • Issue date is now saved properly
  • PDF visibility now works with slides
  • Ruleset Manager: Text editing in description popup window has been improved
  • Category removal from pop up menu improved
  • Update models popup doesn't load all files
  • Classification tables now scroll properly
  • Nearest Space: Relation is shown after relating a component to another space
  • Model tree sorts the models according to their short names
  • Model tree sorts the models if the model name gets a new short name from popup menu
  • It is possible to select a component from component type selection dialog by double clicking on the row