Solibri Model Checker v9.0.10 Release Notes

This is a maintenance release of Solibri Model Checker v9. Release date: 2013-12-17 Build number:


  Improved the messages that come, if registration fails due to firewall or no internet connection   Improved the behavior when the internet connection is broken while SMC is running and SMC warns about exiting   Added first version of routing licensing and SSC communication through proxy   Information, such as, property sets and material that are associated with type in IFC are shown with the type in SMC   Zone could not be chosen as related type in ITO column   Made the presentation settings dialog more compact   IFC files that had something extra after the IFC content ended could not be imported   Rule 23: Enabled checking of space groups. Note that if you have customized Rulesets using this rule, check the parameters so that the rule does not check space groups, unless you want to.   Implemented reading of IFC descriptions   IFC classifications were not read for floors, zones, or systems  

Bug fixes:

  Fixed a problem where user has been registered to SSC with using smaller and upper case letters, and registration failed when trying to register with all smaller case letters   Relative hyperlinks didn't always work   Pinning states of files were reset when the file was opened   Sometimes the tasks of hidden rulesets were shown in To-Do list   Rule 232 created only one issue even though it should have created several according to the parameters