Solibri Model Checker v9.1.20 Release Notes

Information on new software release

Release Date 09th September, 2014 Build number 9.1.20 Improvements Licensing: - Improved behavior with Internet proxies - License borrowing turned on the "Remember Me" option and it was not reset after license was returned - License expiry messages are now pertinent. Presentation: - Implement title and BCF status - Presentation images were sometimes lost and presentation couldn't be reported. - Dates in UTC time zone were incorrectly imported in BCF Settings: - 3D popups could not handle all property values, such as Bounding Box Height - Changing the number of decimals in settings/units/rotation did not reflect in the model view. Checking - Intersection checking of non-solid components improved - Rule#222 Didn't always find the touching elements above or below - Rule#222: Vertical distance between windows and site was not always correct IFC: - Improved robustness against specific errors in IFC files - CSG operations involving bounded half spaces resulted sometimes a wrong shape Other: - Classification visualization by floors was broken - Reference to a column containing System in ITO was not possible - Excel templates can now be used from extension resources in Information Takeoff, Presentation, and Result Summary reports - Relative hyperlinks didn't always work - Improved German Rulesets