Solibri Model Checker v9.1 Release Notes

Information on the new software release: Release Date: 5th May 2014 Build number: 9.1



Classification Improvements:

  - Multiname classification: A component can have multiple classification names inside the same classification. For example a wall can be both "Exterior" and "Fire Protecting". Corresponding changes have been done in Filtering and Information Takeoff - Classification speed improved significantly - Classification imported from IFC for floors, zones, and systems shown in user interface  

Nearest Spaces:

A new relation is introduced that searches spaces that are close to a component.  

New Markup Functionality :

- Coordinate stamp to visualize coordinates of a point - Component stamp to quickly "stamp" components with customizable information in 3D - Possibility to add images as a markup - Possibility to resize and move markups - Quick access to markup settings   DWG import updated to read version 2013 files  

Licensing improvements:

- Workstation License: A new license that gets automatically checked out and is thus permanently reserved to the same user. The license will automatically renew in a period of 6 days and the license is checked out for several weeks. So it is enough that the computer has internet connection several times a month. If you have a need for a computer that is never connected to internet, please contact [email protected] - Added Remember Me option to registration so that the user can choose if the credentials are asked every time when Solibri Model Checker is launched. - Added a clear message when Solibri Model Checker cannot be launched, since it is already in use on another computer - Added a message that is displayed when license borrowing time is nearing expiration - Added more descriptive messages in case there are no licenses in the license pool or the number of licenses is exceeded   Added a possibility to control the height of eye level in walk mode   System tab in Info view is now shown also for components that are not in one of the building services domains   Added a warning if text is too long to fit in a cell in an Excel (.xls) file   Added scroll bar that appears when the list of saved Selection Basket names is too long to fit in the display   Added Solibri Solution Center user name and Solibri Model Checker version number in the log file to help problem solving.   Added a possibility to report BCF topic id in coordination report  

 Bug Fixes:

  Sometimes a Ruleset task didn't get updated when a Ruleset that previously had no issues is checked again and has new issues   Sometimes a dynamic Ruleset didn't get updated when user changed values in user input task   Timezone in BCF was wrongly exported   Parts under decomposed slab were not shown in model tree   Date properties in IFC Property Reference Value were not imported   No explanation was given when an IFC file had wrong syntax inside strings, for example, ''P' Trap'   (Solibri Model Checker v9.1 files are compatible with Solibri Model Checker v9).