Solibri Model Checker v9.5.12 Release Notes

Information regarding the latest software release of Solibri Model Checker

Introducing Japanese and German translations

This is a maintenance release introducing Japanese and German translations with localized content.


- Improved classification performance - Improved slab area, thickness, and perimeter calculation - Classification property chooser now shows all quantities if any filter is in use. - Fixed problem in editing of very old slides. - Changing of viewpoint's GUID on editing the issues is fixed. - File URL's are now more robust across platforms. - Save relative URLs in hyper-links during find and replace operations.

Rule #223 and #224

- Fixed to not compare 0.5% ratio of exceeding area and length in checking. - Fixed visualization area to have holes. - Removed checked component from the near components even if the filter matches.

Rule #208

- Fixed door side check to take door linings (frame) into account.