Solibri Model Checker v9.5.17 Release Notes

Release Version: 9.5.17

Release Date: 16/02/15


  • This version includes improvements to license statistics that will be activated in the near future.
  • Issue title and description have been taken into use in reporting.
  • The first comment is not copied as description in issues anymore.
  • The reinforcement bar properties are imported from IFC.
  • German language localization improvements are included.
  • Importing and exporting of components associated with issue (Components tab in Issue Details) to/from BCF are improved.
  • Added warning message when 3D acceleration is turned off.
  • Fixed optimized 3D rendering with the latest AMD graphic drivers update (v 14.x). The 3D view was blank white.
  • Proxy settings are forgotten when "Remember Me" is turned off in settings.
  • Default update schedule for SMC updates is "Never".

Bug fixes:

  • Models could not be saved under specific circumstances.
  • Discipline could not be used in classification in certain situations.
  • Renaming a classification does not anymore remove the manual classifications.
  • Updating of presentation from checking results does not anymore create duplicate issues in presentation.
  • Sometimes curved walls were imported as straight.

Rule improvements and bug fixes:

  • #179: Diagonal routes are now handled better in narrow corridors.
  • #11: Curtain walls reported only once in rule report.
  •  #208: Corrected visualization in free area next to door.
  • #203: Improved importing of parameters from Excel.