Solibri Model Checker v9.5.28 Release Notes

Release Number: 9.5.28 Release Date: 27/11/15

New and Improved Functionalities

3D and Quantities • Perimeter of openings in slab was miscalculated, when the openings overlap • Picking of components in orthogonal projection sometimes picked the component behind the picked one • Shape of extruded components was incorrect in some special cases • When layer was modified during IFC import components referred to both previous and new layer BCF Support • Updated to the latest BCF standard • Updating a presentation issue from BCF didn’t update the linked problem • Viewpoints without camera information were not imported • BCF import failed when topic index was not set • When an issue was assigned multiple responsible persons, only one responsible remained when issue was updated from BCF • BCF topics ModifiedDate was not updated when user changed, for example, responsibility or status through the user interface Rules and Checking • [Rule#01] Intersection between pipes was not found in a special case • [Rule#01] Checked Components view didn’t show components that were checked • Location and Associated components information was not properly initialized when commenting multiple issues at once • When adding slide to multiple issues, only the first was marked as rejected • Checking button sometimes got disabled and didn’t get enabled when checking completed • [Rule#176] Sometimes create a strange error when checking for unique IFC guids in all models • [Rule#206] Choosing to compare specific property sets reported changes in other property sets as well Other • When using Japanese version a filter added in 3D views info popup was not available in the next session • When some furniture were related to site the model tree showed all furniture components in the model under site • Classification referring to another classification didn’t always produce the correct result • IFC classifications with HTML description were not imported properly