Solibri Model Checker v9.6.10 Release Notes

Release Version: 9.6.10 Release Date: 27/11/15

New and Improved Functionalities

Rules and Checking • [Rule#176] Sometimes create a strange error when checking for unique IFC guids in all models • [Rule#206] Choosing to compare specific property sets reported changes in other property sets as well • [Rule#01] Checking results were inconsistent when walls were cut with openings that were placed in the same location, but were voiding different walls • [Rule#234] Issue Type entry in categorization parameter was not used • [Rule#234] Added a possibility to check for orphan inner components. That is to find inner components without outer components. • Manually added issue components were removed from issue after model update IFC Import • IFC classifications with html description were not imported properly • IFC classification by type objects was not supported • IFC files with line breaks inside strings could sometimes not be imported • IFC calendar date was imported with wrong month • IFC classifications with html description were not imported properly • Site geometry was not removed when previous IFC version had site geometry and it was updated with an IFC that does not have site geometry Autorun • Added updatemodel task • Added updatepresentation task • Added discipline parameter to openmodel task Other • Classification referring to another classification didn’t always produce the correct result • Borrowed license didn’t always work when disconnecting from network • Nearest space relationship was incorrect for doors that slightly touched spaces in lower storey • Search in presentation can now search also in title and description • BCF topics ModifiedDate was not updated when user changed, for example, responsibility or status through the user interface