Solibri Model Checker v9.6.19 Release Notes

Here are the details of the latest maintenance release update: Rules & Checking
  • Rule#231: It is now possible to check properties of wall with the "Same Wall" operator
  • Rule#226: Depth limit L was possible to set to other components than doors and windows
  • Rule#176: Issue was not created of doors in same wall, but in different levels
  • Checking sometimes stopped on some MacBook computers
  • Classification referring to another classification didn't always work properly
  • Classification rules referring to values in other classifications could not be imported from Excel
  • Dates didn't work properly in classification rules
  • Fixed a problem with models IFCSURFACESTYLE in IFC4
  • Fixed a problem with IFCBOXALIGNMENT in IFC2x3
  • Added color support for multi body geometries
  Licensing & Solibri Solution Center Communication
  • Added new proxy servers that work better with deep inspecting firewalls
  • Improved message that is given when user does not have the right to write tho the home directory or it is unavailable
  • Improved message given when certificate is not valid
  • Shading in MacBook Pro computers with Intel and AMD graphics cards didn't work properly
  • Optimized rendering of large models with footprints turned on
  • Role selection was not prompted automatically in Finnish language
  • Small improvements in nearest spaces algorithm
  • Presentation creation from ITO didn't work when the ITO has more than 1000 rows, but they are relation rows from which issues are not typically created
  • Some German language improvements
  •  Extensions became sometimes unavailable on Mac when changing from one network to another
  • Default saving state of resources, such as, Rulesets is false when closing model