Solibri Model Checker v9.6.21 Release Notes

Here are the details of the latest maintenance release update:

Rules & Checking

  • Rule#206 didn’t always find modification in geometry
  • Rule#176 didn’t complain about duplicate floor names
  • Rule#234 didn’t find all protrusions
  • Rule#234 sometimes reported wrong issues


  • Sometimes property sets were duplicated after model update


  • Solid operations sometimes produced incorrect results because of wrong tolerances
  • Zoom in startup didn’t work if the model only had one large object
  • Sometimes components that had several colors in IFC only had one color in SMC
  • Extrusions whose path have tight U turns created very strange geometries
  • Ellipse axis direction was not taken into account in IFC import
  • Directions and names of axis are shown when component or model origin is shown


  • More detailed logging of automatic updates
  • Adding issues in large models that had no spaces took a long time