Solibri Model Checker v9.6.6 Release Notes

Version 9.6.6 is a point release with new features. The version is backward compatible with Solibri Model Checker 9.5.   New and Improved Rules * New rule (#234) Components Inside Components allows you to check tolerances between component boundaries. You can, for example, check that reinforcement bars are not too close to the surface of concrete. * Update for Accessible Door Rule (#208): Can now check for accessible areas on all sides of door. Door width can be used to as the width of the accessible area in front of the door (pull or push side). New intuitive user interface to parameterize the free area requirements. * General Intersection Rule (#01) update to check intersections between children of decomposed objects. For example, door inside curtain now creates issues when intersections between doors and other components are checked. * Components Must Have Unique Identifier (#21) has now a new parameter that can control whether unique identifiers are checked with case sensitivity or not   New and Improved Functionalities * IFC date and time properties can be used in filters and in classification rules (for example require that value is between two dates) * Classification name format can be set as date. Classication value can then be used as date in filters. * More intuitive user interface to specify classification name value as reference to a column in classification rule table. * Added a way to create presentation from Information Takeoff results * Support for multi color components * Support for IFC4 * Close, undock, and maximize buttons moved under one menu in top right corner of each view * Possibility to lock footprints in footprint controls * Improved painting, for example, possibility to paint shown components with current colors. * Possibility to use saved filters in rule parameters, Information Takeoff definitions and classification settings * Zooming to components, for example, in rule results improved to zoom to smaller components, if there are some significantly larger components. For example, intersection of column and large slab zooms to the column. * Performance of solid operations improved * Contrast of property set names in Info view improved on Mac platform * Improved support for BCF 2.0 import, export, and update * Legacy Java 6 is not required anymore in Mac platform * New look&feel   Updated Resources * New Information Takeoff template: Visualize Components in Spaces added to BIM Coordinator and Quantity Takeoff roles * Excluded cables from all intersection rules where MEP components are checked * Children of decomposed objects excluded from intersection rules, except MEP against doors and windows and doors and windows against structural components * Added rule to all BIM validation rulesets that checks for the uniqueness of GUID values * Added ruleset to check that reinforcement bars are totally inside components   Bug Fixes * Sometimes extruded geometries had wrong shape * Couldn't set numeric constraints for angles in classification rules * Sometimes components appeared under site in model tree that belonged to lower level in hierarchy * Escape Route Analysis rule (#179) improved to consider also doors that don't fill any openings * 3D view sometimes stopped working * General Intersection Rule (#01) didn't find intersections between in some exotic cases * Calculation of volume and thickness of roof improved * Component Distance rule (#222) gave wrong results when checking clearance above decomposed objects