Solibri Model Checker v9.7 Release Notes

Below are the release notes and information on what's new in Solibri Model Checker v9.7: SMCv9.7 includes   Updated Issue Handling  
  • A new view: Issues – A list of all issues in the selected presentations
  • A new view: Issue Sorter – All issues in the selected presentations shown as ‘snapshots’
  • Size of snapshot pictures in the Issue Sorter view can be changed in Settings
  • Issue Details dialog is a now a view – Issue Details with updated UI
  • New UI/UX for responsibility values
  • Presentation View includes only list of presentations
  • Updated contents of ‘bottom in the 3D View’ allowing commenting and adding, updating or removing saved viewpoints
  SMC Relations  
  • A new SMC defined relationship: Federated Floors. The relationship is generated automatically and it allows a fast way to visualize all components (from multiple IFC files) by floors defined in architectural models
  • A new view to see and modify Nearest Spaces and Federated Floors relations – Custom Relations
  • Custom relations are shown in the Info View, Relations tab in normal font. Other relations (from IFC files) are shown in Italics
  • A pop up menu in the Info view Relations tab to open Custom Relations View with current component selected (only for SMC custom relations)
  • Federated floors can be used in ITO templates in the rule #231
  • There is a new hierarchy in the Model Tree View – Federated floors
  • Federated floors are used also in the floor list of the Navigation map (you can select a floor to go by using list in the top of the Navigation map – the list includes now only Federated floors)
  Company Extensions  
  • A new tool to create, save, open and export Company specific extensions (Extention Manager) as a part of RSM (Rule Set Manager)
  • It allows users to create a company specific packages to be uploaded to Solibri Solution Center from where it can be used as a company specific extension
  Information Takeoff  
  • Possibility to report all open Information Takeoff templates at once
  • Reported ITOs indicate when model has been changed after information has been taken off
  Info View  
  • Properties defined in type instances are shown in italics (properties defined in component instance level are shown in normal font)
  • If value defined in the type instance differs from value defined in the component instance, it is shown as ‘strike through’
  • A new property in the  Identification tab: type name – value of the type instance name (can be different than type of the component, if component has a value in property psetXCommon: reference)
  • Updated default resources – A detailed list of all changes is available on request
  • Better rendering quality with extruded geometry with holes