Solibri Model Checker v9.8.23 Release Notes

This release focuses on improving the stability and safety of Solibri Model Checker. We take into use Java version 1.8. Also, a new Excel import feature in presentations is introduced. Java 1.8 • Solibri Model Checker has upgraded its Java version to 1.8. This update would improve the software security. Presentation Excel Import • New feature available: New presentation's dialog offers the option to import presentations and issues from an Excel file to Solibri Model Checker • Resources have been updated to add templates with the supported headers for import and samples files • Help updated with information about how this new feature works. Help contains information about the formats and headers supported for successful importing SOCKS 4 Proxy • Support for SOCKS 4 protocol in proxy connection • It is possible to connect through SOCKS 4 proxy from login dialog, vmoptions-file or proxysettings.ini-file • Proxy setting preferences are stored in a secured way PDF • Improved drawing alignment mechanism to keep consistency while updating the pdf Translation • Updated German and Japanese translations Classification • Improved classification settings window stability • A bug relating to "save classification" has been fixed Misc. • Improved license borrowing mechanism • Improved the consistency of showing information in info view • Improved stability of model opening, closing, updating and exporting • Improved the ARCHICAD-Solibri Model Checker link stability • Bug fixes