Solibri Model Checker v9.8 Release Notes

Below are the release notes and information on what’s new in Solibri Model Checker (SMC) v9.8:

SMCv9.8 includes   User Interface  
  • Newly designed UI: Looking fresh and modern
  • Updated icons: New and more intuitive look
  • Featuring the same layout: Familiar yet improved
  • Moving towards a coherent experience in all Solibri products and services
  • Models can now be organized in categories
  2D Document Markup  
  • PDF documents now supported in SMC: Import plan, section and elevation drawings into SMC and compare them visually
  • Combine 3D models and 2D documents in one view
  • Easily locate drawings as floor plans or align section drawings to the grid
  • Set 2D documents as footprints, adjust and crop them in the dedicated dialog
  Fast 3D Performance  
  • Better graphics card usage as models become increasingly content rich and heavy
  • Switching slides is now faster
  New Rules  
  • Horizontal surfaces have guardrails: Check for building safety
    • Check where you need to have temporary edge protection during construction
    • Check that railing heights are according to requirements (like Building codes)
  • Ratios: Check relative amounts of components in a specific location
    • Automatically check if there are enough disabled toilets relative to all toliets
  • You have a possibility to contribute to future development of Solibri Model Checker by letting us collect anonymized data of your usage. The data cannot be linked to an individual user, but Solibri can see the big picture about how the software is used. Participation to this is voluntary.
  BCF 2.1  
  • BCF - Continues to be the chosen standard for file based exchange in the workflow
  • SMC supports the latest version of the standard
  • Open and save filters from rule parameters
  • Updated default resources
  • PredefinedType field is imported from IFC
  • In InformationTakeoff it's now possible to filter by Containers
    • Building
    • Floor
    • Project
    • Site
    • System
    • Zone