Solibri Model Checker v9.9.2.63 Release Notes

This release focuses on introducing two new rules, existing rules improvements and bug fixes. Additionally, the smc file backup feature is improved. This version allows the new BCF Connector extension to collaborate with multiple CDE providers for issue management.


  • Parking Rule (Rule#237):  
    This rule checks the size of the parking spaces. The checking can be limited to check only parking spaces with specific orientation to the parking aisle or parking spaces with specific obstructions nearby
  • Accessible Route Rule (Rule#238):
    This rule checks the accessible routes. The checking requires the accessible route to be modeled as a component. The rule can check the clear width of a route and the obstructions with components such as doors, stairs and ramps within the route. The rule also checks the connections from the accessible route to the accessible spaces and accessible elevators
  • Backups of ".smc" files:
    This feature will let you to specify the number of backups that you want to save for your different ".smc" files. The backups will be generated on each save, and the oldest backups will be overwritten when the maximum number of backups have been reached. To make sure that you are always able to get back to the starting point, we are saving the original file as the first backup
  • BCF Connector:
    We have been collaborating with multiple CDE providers to create a more fluent workflow when it comes to issue management. The new BCF-API will be included in the next version of our BCF Connector, which will include four new providers (Aconex, bimsync, BIM Track & Trimble Connect) as well as enable future collaborations with other providers that follow the buildingSMART standards for BCF-API


  • Handrails on Stairs and Ramps can be checked in Accessible Ramp Rule (Rule#207) and Accessible Stair Rule (Rule#210)
    • Check for existence (both sides or at least one side), height, continuity and extension beyond flight
  • Improvements on Accessible Door Rule (Rule#208) 
    • Take panel thickness into account when checking clear opening
    • 2-way swing door and folding door support for clear opening
  • Improvements on Accessible Stair Rule (Rule #210)
    • The recognition of steps, flights and landings is improved
    • Clear headroom visualization in 3D is added
    • Calculate thread length at an offset
    • Calculate head clearance at an offset
  • Improvements on Component Distance Rule (Rule#222)
    • Check distance from any object to door swing
  • Improvements on Free Area in Front of Components Rule (Rule#226)
    • Rule parameters UI Improvements
    • Check for obstructions in front of components in three dimensions
    • Configurable tolerances in three dimensions
    • 3D visualization
  • Improvements on Comparison Between Property Values Rule (Rule#231)
    • Add the option to compare component properties within the same building
  • Improvements on Horizontal Structures must be Guarded against Falling Rule (Rule#236)
    • Check distance between barrier and side wall
    • Take curb into account when checking the height of a barrier
    • Check distance between climbable object and top of safety barrier
  • Improvements in visualization of enabled/disabled state of rule folders and rulesets
  • Double doors with asymmetric panels show correctly in footprint visualization
  • Improvements on Beam length Calculation
  • Solibri Model Checker can be installed to a different directory than the Application Folder in macOS.

Bug Fixes:

  • The issue with false clashes in General Intersection Rule (Rule#1) is fixed. The problem was caused by large concave objects that surround a smaller object
  • Checking of door swing direction in Escape Route Analysis Rule (Rule#179) is fixed
  • Recognition of handle side in Accessible Door Rule (Rule#208) is fixed
  • Stair clear width does not check wrong direction anymore in Accessible Stair Rule (Rule#210)
  • The value of the property "LiningDepth" shows the correct value from the property set "IfcDoorLiningProperties"
  • The synchronization of parameters in Ruleset Manager and Checking Parameter view is fixed
  • BCF 2.0 and BCF 2.1 without viewpoints are now imported correctly
  • Dimension visualization in Not Enough Space at End (Rule#207) is fixed