Solibri Model Checker Version 5.1 Released

Solibri Announces Solibri Model Checker Version 5.1. The latest release of the world's leading model checking solution provides powerful new functionality for building design coordination and expanded capabilities for all project members.

Helsinki, Finland, and Scottsdale, USA, October 9,2009 - Solibri, Inc., the leading provider of BIM quality assurance and model checking solutions announces the release and availability of version 5.1 of Solibri Model Checker, with extended support for Open Standards and emphasis for Spatial Coordination.

Spatial Coordination

“We are excited to announce the availability of Solibri Model Checker 5.1, said Heikki Kulusjärvi, CEO of Solibri Inc. (Helsinki) In addition to enhancements to our already powerful solution, this version provides unique tools for spatial coordination, enabling the construction industry to move from construction phase on-site collision removal and design phase collision detection to coordinated design of use of space. Solibri Model Checker will continue to be the leading model checking platform for quality assurance, using a powerful rules-based environment to fulfill user and code requirements and assuring BIM quality. We feel that this release is a very powerful step forward, as BIM becomes better understood, and more widely adopted globally”.

There is a big difference between collision detection and spatial coordination. While there are quite a few tools for finding interferences, there is a real requirement for a tool like Solibri Model Checker v5.1, where the focus is on improving design quality by checking for compliance with owner specifications, and efficiently and effectively managing any issues that are identified. This version includes excellent tools for those tasks, as well as a very powerful, comprehensive and customizable Spatial Coordination Report capability.

Extending BIM to a Broader Audience

Jonathan Widney, CEO of Solibri LLC (the US HQ of Solibri) states that “this release is very significant as it confirms Solibri’s commitment to open standards by extending access to those who don’t currently have the ability to generate Industry Foundation Class (IFC) files.  We are committed to IFC files and believe they provide the most information rich environment. At the same time, there are some trades that have yet to migrate to applications that can export a high quality IFC file.

In order to actively promote an inclusive process, Solibri Model Checker v5.1 is able to import DWG, as well as IFC files. Once the DWG files are loaded, it is possible to conduct the full range of model checking activities, using both file types. Once the power of the IFC files is better understood, it will result in a greater sense of urgency for the balance of the subcontractor community to make the move to IFC-supported authoring applications.”

Solibri Model Checker – A Bridge between Design and Construction

Solibri Model Checker v5.1 is the product which will help the entire AEC industry by supporting a more productive BIM process and higher quality design and construction. Solibri Model Checker v5.1 brings business value to both design companies and the design management of the entire construction project. The owner achieves much better and more consistent quality, at a much lower cost.
“We believe this positions Solibri Model Checker as a very powerful bridge between design and construction, which has never existed before.” states Heikki Kulusjärvi.

About Solibri

Solibri, Inc. is the global leader in BIM quality assurance providing out of the box tools for BIM quality assurance, design process coordination, design review, analysis, and code checking. Solibri’s corporate mission is to develop and market quality assurance solutions that improve the quality of BIM files and make the entire design process more productive and the construction process more cost effective.
Solibri’s customers include major building owners and users, construction companies, architects and engineering firms.

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