Solibri Model Viewer v9.5.23 Release Notes

Release Version: 9.5.23 Release Date: 29/04/15

IFC Import Related

  • Optimized and fixed importing of IFC type object not to merge types with identical names, but different guids
  • Fixed problems when some components were misplaced after updating an IFC file

Geometry and performance

  • Improved calculation of footprints in models that are far from origin
  • Improved calculation of curtain wall areas

Communication & UI

  • Snapshots were taken from wrong location when the size of items was not equal to the natural resolution (make items smaller or larger in Windows Control Panel)
  • Model tree modified not to show children of decomposed object at wrong level, when object decomposition has more than one level
  • Improved display names of deeply nested decomposed objects
  • Floor numbering improved in case of multiple building instances in one IFC model


  • Fixed the case where header information was sometimes empty when exporting BCF 2.0 file
  • Added support for component color when it appears as empty string when importing BCF 2.0 file


  • Installer is now signed and certified on Mac platform - no more problems with security