Solibri Model Viewer v9.8.17 Release Notes

Solibri Model Viewer v9.8.17 includes:   UI:
  • Newly designed UI: Looking fresh and modern
  • Updated icons: New and more intuitive look
  • Featuring the same layout: Familiar yet improved
  • Moving towards a coherent experience in all Solibri products and services
  • Switching slides is now faster
  2D Document Markup:
  • Solibri Model Viewer can view Solibri Model Checker (SMC) models containing PDFs
  3D Engine:
  • Fast 3D Performance
  • Better graphics card usage as models become increasingly content rich and heavy
  BCF 2.1:
  • BCF – Continues to be the chosen standard for file based exchange in the workflow. SMC supports the latest version of the standard
  • PredefinedType field is imported from IFC