Solibri Model Viewer v9.8.27 Release Notes

This release focuses on bug fixes and performance and stability improvements. Additionally, there are improvements in placing of section planes and IFC import performance. Bug fixes are related to 3D view stability, nearest space calculations, IFC import and communication view stability. Improvements:
  • 3D performance improvements
  • Major performance improvements in importing profile geometries with many holes
  • Ability to create vertical sections in 2D models (grids, footprints and PDFs)
Bug fixes:
  • Fix import incompatibility issues with IFC4 Addendum 2 schema
  • Fix for 3D / IFC-imports consisting of decomposed objects
  • Fix freeze issues related to navigating through slides in the communication area
  • Fix calculations of Nearest Spaces for thin objects and with a small horizontal intersection
  • Disable Docking/Undocking of 3D View feature for Mac OS High Sierra v.10.13 or higher to mitigate crashes
  • On Mac OS, closing the 3D View works as expected