Solibri Provides Consulting and Software for Korea Power Exchange (KPX) Design Competition

Solibri Provides Consulting and Software for Korea Power Exchange (KPX) Design Competition for the KPX Head Office Construction Using the First Ever Published BIM Guideline in Korea

Helsinki, Finland, and Seoul, Korea

Korea Power Exchange is a nonprofit organization, which plays a pivotal role in South Korea’s power industry by ensuring the reliability of power supply in all regions of South Korea. As pushing ahead with a design project for their head office construction, KPX has established the first ever BIM guidelines in Korea and is applying 3D BIM technology from the beginning of the project. KPX has announced a design competition for their Head office project. The due date for the submission of design competition proposals is July 8th, 2010.

KPX has requested technical support and business cooperation from Solibri, Inc. as KPX wishes for successful introduction of BIM in the architecture industry and its active usage. Solibri, Inc. the globally leading provider of BIM quality assurance software, has agreed to support the KPX design competition by providing the participants with free Solibri Model Checker licenses for quality evaluation of BIM models, educational program on BIM quality assurance for the participating companies and cooperation for BIM quality evaluation work during the competition.

The educational program, Solibri Model Checker licenses and BIM quality evaluation work during the competition will be provided by AEC3Korea, a leading BIM consultancy company, and Solibri's partner in Korea. AEC3Korea has been already involved in the general BIM guideline project carried by MLTM (Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs) and now has the leading role in the development of detailed BIM guidelines for KPX. For the design competition, AEC3Korea has taken charge of both educating the participants for BIM quality assurance and developing the actual rule sets to be used. Furthermore, AEC3Korea will provide major technical support for accurate evaluation of the competition proposals and take an active part in BIM quality control of the final design and management after the competition.

Korea has opened a new chapter in public orders to invigorate BIM - the new paradigm for construction process. Although there have been some public BIM orders for turnkey or limited projects, there has been also some controversy among owners, designers and construction companies due to the lack of clear BIM design guidelines. . As a part of the effort to apply BIM for each step of design competition, final design, construction, and management, KPX has released detailed guidelines for BIM data creating, which are expected to be a new milestone in Korean BIM industry.

Korea Power Exchange ensures the fair and transparent management of the power market and the reliability of power supply by coordinating the flow of electricity in South Korea. To secure future power reliability, KPX runs a sophisticated national planning process for generation and transmission expansion by active cooperation and coordination with the government.

AEC3Korea is a software consulting company specializing in Building Information Modeling technology. As a partner of AEC3 in Korea, the company was established to provide reliable and high-quality consulting services for organizations such as public institutions, design groups, construction and CM/FM companies. The services that AEC3Korea provides for developing BIM projects include:

  • Consulting for BIM Model Quality Checking and Application
  • Development for Building Code Application
  • Government R&D for BIM Standards
  • BIM-related Software Sales and Marketing

Solibri, Inc. was founded in 1999 to develop and market solutions that improve the quality of Building Information Models (BIM) and make the entire construction process more productive. Solibri is well recognized as the pioneer in providing out of the box software that automates the checking and analysis of BIM models, saving time and money. Solibri customer base contains a fast growing number of building owners and users, construction companies, architects and engineering firms in Asia, Europe and North America.

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