Solibri Spotlight 2017 - Issue 03

Welcome to this edition's Tip and Tricks. read below to see how to better use Solibri Model Checker in your everyday work: SMC and BIM Use Cases   What good is data if you don't know its accuracy, completeness, or compliance with an established requirement?   If you are modeling to support any of the requirements below, SMC should be part of your workflow.
  • COBie/O&M/Facility Management
  • LOD
  • Model QA/QC
  • Code Compliance (AutoCodes)
  • Construction Site Safety
  • Owner Space Audits
  • Automation
  • Coordination
  • BIM Guidelines & Requirements
  • As-built verification and validation
  • Risk Mitigation
  • BIM Validation and Verification
  • Model Comparison
  • GSA - Spatial Validation
  • Information Takeoff - Estimating
Model Comparison - Model Comparison Enhancements - The ability to compare models has been an outstanding feature of SMC. This comparison, until the latest SMC update (v9.7.15), was focused on the geometry of the components. Now, you can also check for components being added or removed, based on the Global Unique ID (GUID). Read the attached item to learn and understand the flexibility that is now possible for your comparison activities.   Please follow this link to learn more about the enhancements to model comparison:   Model QA/QC - Component Distance Enhancements - SMC v9.7.15 also included enhancements to the Component Distance Template. It is now possible for you to set the surfaces (top or bottom) that you want to use for measuring distance above or below components. You can also set a horizontal offset, for more advanced measurement functions.   Please follow this link to better understand how you can define the surfaces that are being measured:   Tips & Tricks - Optimizing SMC   TT - Saving Custom Layouts in SMC - A recent SMC update (v9.7.11) included the ability for you to save sets of layouts of views. Where you could move views around your viewing area previously, they could not be saved as a default layout. Now you can do this. This item will tell you how and walk you through the steps to create (and save) your own layouts.   Please follow the link below to understand how to save your layout sets:   TT - Expanded Wildcard Search of Property Set Data  -  The latest version of SMC (v9.7.15) introduces the ability to conduct more intelligent searching and sorting of Property Set Data that is embedded in models, using wildcards.   Please follow the link below to better understand this capability: