Solibri Spotlight December 2016

You made a GREAT investment when you bought Solibri Model Checker - Now spend a little time to look deeper inside the technology - you will be pleasantly surprised and impressed As we move toward the end of 2016 we wanted to be sure to THANK YOU for being a Solibri customer. We continue to try to find ways we can improve our relationship so it's not just about a transaction, and you feel comfortable asking for help. Solibri Model Checker is the BEST software application in the world for determining the Quality of what has been modeled. The BIM use cases continue to evolve, yet it is possible to keep pace, just by assembling a custom ruleset within Solibri Model Checker. You don't need to buy anything, and you will be able to apply these custom checks whenever you like. In this issue we, are going to show you how to do some customization, explain why results can differ depending on the order of your checking, and how to manage situations that might occur when working with federated models. If there are topics you would like us to cover, or if you have suggestions, please let us know! Your input really helps us understand what you need from SMC. Services to support the validation of BIM Requirements Solibri  is here to help. If you are a consultant trying to develop BIM standards for your client, we would love to work with you. We could be a resource to develop the rulesets that SMC uses to verify compliance and validate designs. And, we could assist in your efforts to create the actual requirements, if needed. You have made a sound investment and we are committed to helping you realize a great ROI. Our goal is to be your resource to call upon whenever you need help. Thank you very much for your continued business! We don't take it for granted and we appreciate each Solibri customer. SMC and BIM Use Cases What good is data if you don't know its accuracy, completeness, or compliance with an established requirement? If you are modeling to support any of the requirements below, SMC should be part of your workflow.
  • COBie/O&M/Facility Management
  • LOD
  • Model QA/QC
  • Code Compliance (AutoCodes)
  • Construction Site Safety
  • Owner Space Audits
  • Coordination
  • BIM Guidelines & Requirements
  • As-built verification and validation
  • Risk Mitigation
  • BIM Validation and Verification
  • Model Comparison
  • GSA - Spatial Validation
  • Information Takeoff - Estimating
Coordination - Creating Custom Disciplines - There may be times when you want to create custom disciplines for coordinating a federated model. SMC gives you the ability to create your own naming convention, that you can then map to your custom disciplines. Please follow this link to learn more about Creating Custom Disciplines in SMC v9.7: Coordination - Result Count Variations - It is likely that you will see different result counts, depending upon the order of your checks. The results are accurate, but it will make you wonder why they can differ. Don't be alarmed. There is a reason and it makes sense. Please follow this link to read more about Result Count Variations in SMC v9.7:   Tips & Tricks - Optimizing SMC Easy and Effective Updating of the Federated Model - This article provides some very good information to support your management of the federated model. Since these models are constantly changing as each discipline or system evolves, it is imperative that a process is established, and followed, throughout the project. Please follow the link below to learn the best process to follow for managing updates to your model files: Correcting widely scattered models - It happens. There are times when you have model elements scattered throughout your 3D view. This can be the result of accidental placement or objects that have been left behind from earlier model versions. Or they could just be mistakes. But, we can help you resolve this, through a few simple steps. Please follow the link below to learn how to make corrections when this occurs: