Solibri Spotlight - Issue 10

A Recap and a Change of Frequency

This is the 10th issue of the Spotlight on Solibri. By now we are sure that you appreciate that the Solibri Model Checker (SMC) is a powerful and very capable technology. At the same time, we hope you also realize that SMC is extremely flexible and easy to learn. Simply put, if you can model it, SMC can check it! We thought this would be a good time to recap what we have covered to date, in the area of BIM Use Cases. It's possible when you first read about a capability, you were not yet in a position to practice what you had read. But now, maybe it's a good time to review what has been presented, if just to refresh your memory. We also felt that this would be a good time to adjust the frequency of these newsletters. Rather than publishing a new issue every two weeks, we will move to a once monthly schedule. There is certainly plenty of content to deliver, however as the topics become more advanced, the accompanying articles, images, and videos will take a bit longer to write and create. We still plan to provide coverage of BIM Use Cases, as well as Tips & Tricks. We want to make sure that we are giving you useful and practical information that you can benefit from right away. Future Issues will be published on the 15th of each month. If the 15th falls on a weekend, the issue will be published on the following Monday. In this issue, we are going to look at the Checked Components capabilities. We sometimes refer to this as the 'anti-skeptic tool', as it verifies exactly what has been checked, and answers the question posed by many who are looking at SMC for the 1st time ('how do I know you have checked ALL of the doors/walls/slabs, etc.?). Enjoy this issue and please follow the links to access supporting documents that are provided for your reference today, and in the future.

SMC and BIM Use Cases

Model QA/QC & BIM Validation-

Checked Components View - How can you PROVE that all of the desired components have been checked? We are familiar with this question, and it is not unreasonable. In a 2D plan review, we get a signature, and maybe a stamp, that says the plans have been checked. When introducing model-based checks, it is only natural that users will ask "how can I be sure that you haven't missed something?". Our answer is the Checked Components View feature in SMC. We have written a document to explain what this feature is, how it works, and how you might benefit from getting comfortable with it. Now, you can verify not just how many of a specific item are in the model, but also how many have been checked and what the status is for each component. This is a very powerful and impressive capability, but please, see for yourself in the attached article. Please follow this link to read more about the Checked Components View in SMC:   Here are the BIM Use Cases that we covered in the first 10 issues. If you no longer have the issue, but would like to view any of the content below, you can find everything at Issue 1 - COBie, Solibri Solution Center (SSC) and LoD Issue 2 - Model Comparison (QA/QC) and Allowed Beam Intersections (Coordination) Issue 3 - Fire Protection & Site Logistics (Site Safety) and Owner Space Audits Issue 4 - Roles (QA/QC) and Reporting (Coordination) Issue 5 - Spatial Coordination and Getting Started with SMC (BIM Validation) Issue 6 - Basic Classification (QA/QC) and ITO & Classification (ITO) Issue 7 - Classification (COBie), Gatekeeper and Self-configuring rulesets (LoD) Issue 8 - Understanding ITO (ITO) Issue 9 - Setting Severity Levels (Risk Mitigation) Issue 10 - Checked Components View (QA/QC)

Recap of Issues 1 - 10 (Tips & Tricks)

Here are the Tips & Tricks that we shared with you in the past 10 issues. If you no longer have the issue but would like to view any of these topics, you can find everything at Issue 1 - One-click between Presentation and Issue Results, Instant display of dimensions on model components Issue 2 - Sectioning to Isolate Checking Results, Resetting your SMC License Issue 3 - Gridlines in SMC and SMV, Issue Management Workflow Issue 4 - Layouts, Ruleset Manager Issue 5 - Creating & Editing Rulesets in SMC, Exporting a model from Revit to SMC Issue 6 - Footprints, Classification Icons Issue 7 - Image Placement, Hyperlink Manager Issue 8 - Stamping your models, Expediting Issue Management Issue 9 - Dimensioning in 3D, Moving or Aligning Models Issue 10 - Checking out an SMC license, Using the IFC Optimizer Utility Quick Tip #21: - Checking out an SMC License - Basic SMC Functionality - What happens when you want (or need) to use SMC and you don't have access to an Internet connection? That's just check out a license and continue to work, without interruption! We have written a very brief document to guide you through the license check-out procedures in SMC. Easy reading and good to know information. Please follow this link to read more about borrowing a license in SMC:   Quick Tip #22 - Using the IFC Optimizer - Basic SMC Functionality - Solibri has a lot of experience working with IFC files. We are also aware that IFC files, when exported from the BIM Authoring Software, can become very large. We have written some steps to introduce and guide you through the process of using the Solibri IFC Optimizer, a technology offering excellent compression, and at NO COST to you! Please follow this link to find out how to access and use the Solibri IFC Optimizer: