Solibri Spotlight - Issue 11

SMC v9.6 is Now Available for Download!

New rules, enhancements, new capabilities, and a new user interface all to improve your SMC experience. As BIM continues to evolve, we continue to innovate, and to automate wherever possible, with a goal of continuing to deliver a strong ROI for all of our customers. More than simply a 'point release', this version includes major enhancements that were requested by you, our customers.   If you haven't already downloaded v9.6, it just takes a few minutes and you'll be up and running. NOTE: Make sure you select v9.6 from your Product dropdown menu. Solibri Model Checker has capabilities that many of you just don't know about, or understand. This newsletter is our way to communicate some of these functions or capabilities, but you still need to dedicate a little bit of YOUR time to explore SMC. SMC is a professional, analytical tool that uses a rules-based engine to really dissect models and to establish a consistent workflow that is focused on the 'I' in BIM. It really is all about the data, and the model is a communication medium for representing that data. We are here to help. If you have questions, contact us. When you are ready for training, contact us. If you just want some help to better understand the technology or a particular command, contact us. And, if you find a new benefit of using SMC, by all means, please share that with us. This issue of the newsletter is going to cover a lot of ground, mostly through the embedded hyperlinks. We will explore the world of UniFormat, look at some powerful capabilities and some tips to positively impact your workflow. Enjoy this issue and please follow the links to access supporting documents that are provided for your reference today, and in the future.

SMC and BIM Use Cases

As we continue our focus on macro level Use Cases, just remember there's no need to buy a different technology each time a new requirement is identified. Just check the Solibri Solution Center (SSC) or use the ruleset templates included in SMC. We know that information in models can be 'consistently inconsistent'. This means verifying and validating the data is critical. What good is data if you don't know its accuracy, completeness, or compliance with an established requirement? If you are modeling to support any of the requirements below, SMC should be part of your workflow. • COBie • LOD • Model QA/QC • Code Compliance (AutoCodes) • Construction Site Safety • Owner Space Audits • Coordination • BIM Guidelines & Requirements • Risk Mitigation • BIM Validation • GSA - Spatial Validation • Information Takeoff - Estimating  

Model QA/QC, BIM Guidelines & Requirements -

UniFormat Check Ruleset -

We have drafted an article to explore the powerful relationship between the SMC Classification environment and the UniFormat hierarchical classification system. This is particularly important now, as there are multiple UniFormat versions to consider. SMC can visualize and check model components based upon their UniFormat categories. The result is a level of recognition and consistency that SMC brings to the process. Please follow this link to read more about working with different versions of UniFormat in SMC:  

Code Compliance -

Enhancements to the Accessible Door Rule -

SMC v9.6 introduces major enhancements for door maneuvering clearance checks. Please review the referenced article to understand these important changes.  

Tips & Tricks - How to Optimize SMC

Since we are now publishing once per month, we have included a few more tips than previously. Don't worry, we have plenty more... Quick Tip #23: - Coordination - Sectioning to Streamline Issue Management - SMC will display all the issues that are identified in the entire model, but what if your focus is on a specific area on a single floor? You can use the powerful sectioning tool to filter your results so you only see those issues that were found in that particular area. The result? Streamlined process and effective issue management. Please follow this link to read more: Quick Tip #24 - Core Functionality - Hotkeys in SMC - Shortcuts and Hotkeys are not unique to Solibri. We do think you need to be aware of the hotkeys within SMC so you can determine if they would be helpful in your workflow. Please follow this link to learn about Hotkeys in the PC and MAC environments: Quick Tip #25 - Core Functionality - Controlling Footprints in SMC - Footprints serve as an excellent reference when reviewing issues within the model. Please follow this link to find out how we have made footprints more useful and supportive of your process. Quick Tip #26 - Core Functionality - Docking/Undocking Options - You now have options from a single dropdown menu to manipulate your views. The result - a more pleasant and streamlined work environment. Please follow the link for directions.