Solibri Spotlight - Issue 12

The Use Cases for SMC Continue to Grow!

The Geometry is Important, but the INFORMATION is Critical!

As BIM continues to evolve, and as both Public and Private Owners become more BIM savvy, much more attention is being paid to the Information that is carried by models. The acceptance of 3D models as visualization platforms continues to mature. It is only natural that we start to look more 'inside' the model, as well. That is where the analysis needs to occur and that is where an incredible amount of information is available for harvesting. Knowing that a BIM can carry a wide range of information makes it even more important that the QUALITY of that information, and thereby the BIM itself, can be verified and measured. As more agencies and organizations include BIM requirements in their own strategic planning, checking the model(s) for compliance will become a necessary step. Solibri Model Checker (SMC) was developed for just this purpose. So, you as a licensed user of SMC are positioned precisely where you need to have the capability to check all of your work to make sure it will meet these QUALITY requirements, already. You have made a GREAT INVESTMENT! We know this is the case because we are constantly hearing of new use cases and new projects where SMC is performing as a critical component of the workflow. And, those projects are not just clash detection (although that is a great use), but also include code compliance, LOD verification, estimating, spatial analysis, COBie verification, QA/QC for internal design teams, and a wide range of project specific needs. These are exciting times and it looks like new 'checks' will continue to be created to address each of these new requirements for the project teams, or owners. If you haven't already downloaded v9.6, it just takes a few minutes and you'll be up and running. NOTE: Make sure you select v9.6 from your Product drop down menu. This newsletter includes some new capabilities (in v9.6), as well as some fairly advanced coverage of specific rules. We will also provide you with two (2) Tips & Tricks to help you save time, wherever possible. Enjoy this issue and please follow the links to access supporting documents that are provided for your reference today, and in the future.

SMC and BIM Use Cases

As we continue our focus on macro level Use Cases, just remember there's no need to buy a different technology each time a new requirement is identified. Just check the Solibri Solution Center (SSC) or use the ruleset templates included in SMC. We know that information in models can be 'consistently inconsistent'. This means verifying and validating the data is critical. What good is data if you don't know its accuracy, completeness, or compliance with an established requirement? If you are modeling to support any of the requirements below, SMC should be part of your workflow. • COBie • LOD • Model QA/QC • Code Compliance (AutoCodes) • Construction Site Safety • Owner Space Audits • Coordination • BIM Guidelines & Requirements • Risk Mitigation • BIM Validation • GSA - Spatial Validation • Information Takeoff - Estimating

Coordination - Introducing Date-based Checks

SMC v9.6 introduces support for Date properties. This means date information can be associated with model elements, making it possible to classify and visualize based on schedule information. It also means checks can be run against planned vs. actual schedule performance. ISSUE_12_TT_01_01 Please follow this link to read more about working with date-based checks in SMC:

BIM Validation - Component Inside Component Rule

SMC v9.6 includes a new template that makes it possible to check the distance between a component that resides within another component (think rebar in concrete) to make sure required proper spacing is maintained and that any protrusions are within allowable dimensions. This is just one example, so please review this article for more examples of how this rule might be used to support your requirements. ISSUE_12_UC_02_12 Follow the link below, please:  

Tips & Tricks - How to Optimize SMC

Quick Tip #27: - BIM Validation - Generating Slides Directly from Information Takeoff (ITO) - Another new capability introduced in SMC v9.6 is an option for you to create presentation slides directly from the ITO layout (view). You have the option of selecting a single row, or multiple rows and then deciding how you might want to use these saved slides in the future. Please follow this link to read more: Quick Tip #28 - Basic Functionality - Using the Decomposes Relation Property - This capability delves into model assemblies where you may want to check sub-components. There are several examples provided and a solid discussion about forward and backward decomposing relationships. Please follow this link to learn more about this capability: