Solibri Spotlight - Issue 2

Consistently High Quality CAN be the Norm!

In our initial newsletter we introduced a format that focused on BIM Use Cases, at a macro level (i.e. Coordination, COBie, and LOD). We will continue to explore these higher level areas, while encouraging you to dive even deeper into the capabilities of the Solibri Model Checker (SMC). By this, we mean that there are also micro-level Use Cases, where it is possible to measure compliance, verify component assemblies and even extract quantities at a very granular level. The ultimate goal is a much more efficient and streamlined BIM workflow, while automating the checking process wherever possible.This will result in consistently applied checks and ultimately, consistently high quality designs and data.

SMC and BIM Use Cases

As we continue our focus on macro level Use Cases, just remember there's no need to buy a different technology each time a new requirement is identified. Just check the Solibri Solution Center (SSC) or use the ruleset templates included in SMC. We are here If you need any help. We know the information in the models is 'consistently inconsistent'. This means verifying and validating the data is critical. What good is data if you don't know it's accuracy, completeness, or compliance with an established requirement? If you are modeling to support any of the requirements below, SMC should be part of your workflow. • COBie • LOD • Model QA/QC • Code Compliance (AutoCodes) • Construction Site Safety • Owner Space Audits • Coordination • BIM Guidelines & Requirements • Risk Mitigation • BIM Validation • GSA - Spatial Validation • Information Takeoff - Estimating Model QA/QC - Model Comparison - SMC can quickly compare multiple model versions and verify any changes between models. Results are visualized, making it easy to see what has been added, removed, or modified between versions. Follow this link for a more detailed explanation.( Coordination - Allowed Beam Intersections - SMC can define areas in beams where penetrations are allowable. By running this advanced check, SMC shows results where beam penetrations are occurring outside these allowable areas and may therefore be causing issues with structural integrity. Follow this link for a more detailed explanation. (

Tips & Tricks - How to Optimize SMC

We will use this section to share some quick and easy steps that can save you some time and deliver tangible benefits. Quick Tip: (COORDINATION): Sectioning to Isolate Checking Results - From the Tools drop-down in the 3D Window, select the Sectioning tool. If you mouse over this sectioning option, there is a detailed list of functions for the tool. The easiest, quickest method to create a section is simply selecting a surface in the model. This will create a moveable section plane parallel with the surface. You can continue to select additional surfaces to add additional sections, and switch between sections to move them. These sections can then be used to isolate checking results. After running a check, in the results window, change to the "Filter with Sections" mode to view only those results within the sectioned view. This will allow you to focus your coordination session on issues that are located within your current area of operations.   spotlight 2 image 1 (Change from "No Filtering...") Spotlight 2 image 2 ( "Filter with Sections.") BONUS Item: Resetting your SMC License - please follow this link to review the steps to complete this action! ( If you can model it, Solibri Model Checker can check it!