Solibri Spotlight - Issue 2017-05

SMC and BIM Use Cases   What good is data if you don't know its accuracy, completeness, or compliance with an established requirement?   If you are modeling to support any of the requirements below, SMC should be part of your workflow.
  • COBie/O&M/Facility Management
  • LOD
  • Model QA/QC
  • Code Compliance (AutoCodes)
  • Construction Site Safety
  • Owner Space Audits
  • Automation
  • Coordination
  • BIM Guidelines & Requirements
  • As-built verification and validation
  • Risk Mitigation
  • BIM Validation and Verification
  • Model Comparison
  • GSA - Spatial Validation
  • Information Takeoff - Estimating
Model QA/QC - Model Structure - This extremely powerful checking template is unique, yet very easy to understand and apply. The template uses 'check boxes' to define the specific checks to be executed, providing you with true flexibility.   Please follow the link below to access this article.   BIM Validation - Using the Component Distance Rule to Verify Compliance - All modeling is not equal. Some is very good, but there are many examples of sloppy or inconsistent efforts, as well. We will take a look at a rule that can be used to make sure objects are not left in random locations.   Please follow this link to better understand this specific rule:   Tips & Tricks - Optimizing SMC   TT- Missing Revit Properties - There have been instances when Revit properties were missing from the exported IFC file when opened in SMC. This article addresses the reason this could be occurring, and guides you through a series of steps to resolve this issue.   Please follow the link below to learn how to make sure your Revit properties are present.   TT  - Transferring Your License to Another Machine - This is quite an easy and straightforward process, but it is good to be familiar with the steps of moving your license. This brief article will guide you through the steps of gaining access to your license under several scenarios.   Please follow the link below to learn how to work with your SMC license: