Solibri Spotlight - Issue 2017-6

SMC v9.8 Now Available for Downloading Today!   New U/I, New 3D Engine, Now Able to Integrate 2D Drawings with 3D Models...and MORE!   Enhancements in performance and the visual environment, as well as capabilities that dramatically impact the project workflow make this a significant release!  This latest version of Solibri Model Checker introduces changes that deliver real benefits in multiple areas. While we remain committed to introducing new capabilities in the area of BIM Quality Assurance, we are also continually striving to improve all aspects of the user experience, both in the Solibri Model Checker environment and in supporting the most efficient workflow possible. SMC v9.8 is a great example of this commitment.   There are obvious changes in the user interface, and the 3D performance is impressive. But that isn't all; this version also introduces support for BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) 2, the ability to overlay 2D PDF drawings alongside the BIM, and new rules in the area of construction site safety and required space ratios. These new capabilities cover a broad range of uses, and thereby a wide range of potential users.   Our technology is unique as it offers tangible value to multiple stakeholders, all seeking to improve the quality of their own BIM deliverables. And, SMC is really the only available technology for measuring not just the presence of data, but the validity of that data. As BIM use cases continue to emerge it will be very important to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the information that is embedded in the model(s). SMC serves as the one constant...applying rules that YOU have defined, in a consistent fashion, as many times as you desire.   Please follow the link below for the SMC v9.8 Release Notes. We will begin drafting use case and Tips & Tricks based on this version in our next newsletter.   Also, this is a great time to get current with your annual maintenance, if yours has lapsed. Contact us so we can update you and you can start enjoying the SMC v9.8.   Tips & Tricks - Optimizing SMC   TT - Working with AutoCAD and SMC - Although SMC supports the DWG format, it is still suggested to export to IFC whenever possible. If your application also requires object enablers, objects will need to be converted to solids in the exported DWG, if you want the geometry to appear correctly in SMC.   Please follow the link below for a workaround to convert custom objects:.   TT- Missing Components When Exporting Elements Only Visible in View with Revit - The Revit IFC Exporter gives you the option to export only those items that you want to view, rather than the entire project. This is great to know for your workflow and managing very large BIM files.   Please follow the link below to learn how to set your Revit IFC Export options to meet your needs:   Coordination - Color Gradients of Components through Classification - It is possible to use the Classification tool in SMC while defining component colors. You can set different gradients along a green-to-red scale, based on property values. Please follow the link below to access this article.   Model QA/QC - Creating an SMC Template - You can save some time by organizing your model-related resources into a reusable template. Once saved you don't have to recreate roles or conditions if your conditions have not changed.   Please follow this link to explore this capability