Solibri Welcomes Digital Vision Automation as an Authorized Reseller Partner

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, September 17, 2008 – Solibri LLC announced today that it has appointed Digital Vision Automation, Inc., with offices in Irvine, CA as a Solibri Authorized Reseller Partner.

Jonathan Widney, CEO of Solibri LLC (the US HQ of Solibri) stated, “This is going to be an excellent relationship. Both companies are committed to helping customers understand and successfully implement BIM. This is an evolving environment and it is essential that we all add tangible value. Digital Vision understands this and has a history of working closely with its customers, long after the sales transactions are completed. These are very exciting times and we look forward to working with high quality partners like Digital Vision Automation.”

"We like that Solibri can function as an “expert system” that can check models throughout the entire design and construction process. One of the most cost-effective ways contractors can utilize Solibri model checking is during pre-construction to detect collisions as part of MEP coordination. We also like that architects can develop their own design rules and principles in Solibri and test each design scheme against those rules. These capabilities give both designers and builders incredible advantages. Furthermore, we envision a time in the near future when design firms will be submitting their projects electronically via a 3D BIM model for code and zoning compliance, as cities and municipalities will be experiencing the benefits of BIM too. Digital Vision has always been at the forefront of 3D technology and we will to continue this trend with Solibri" says John Stebbins, President and CEO of Digital Vision.

"We salute Solibri for its commitment to interoperability via dedication to the open IFC file format, and for its support of both the Windows and the Macintosh platform, allowing nearly any user to collaborate in the BIM process" Stebbins added. Solibri Model Checker is the leading out-of-the-box software that automates the quality assurance and analysis of BIM models, including compliance with customer created guidelines and building code requirements. The Solibri products which include the Issue Locator, the Solbri Model Checker and the free of charge Solibri Model Viewer and Solibri IFC Optimizer are all based on international Industry Foundation Class (IFC) standards and file format. This enables the Solibri Model Checker to aggregate model files from any BIM Authoring Software applications which can export an .IFC file, then perform an almost infinite number of analytical ‘checks’ with respect to that model. The Solibri Model Checker is truly leading edge BIM technology, as these ‘checks’ will make use of the information (not just the geometry) from the model to determine if the design is acceptable, valid, constructible or code compliant. Solibri is delivering the “I” in BIM TODAY!

About Digital Vision

Founded in 1988, Digital Vision Automation has been at the forefront of providing 3D model-based solutions and training to the building industry. A unique aspect of Digital Vision’s training offerings is its “Imbedded Expert Program.” An Embedded BIM Expert can be assigned to work at a firm a few days a week or full time as part of the project team, guiding and coaching team members as they work on real projects.

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About Solibri

Solibri was established in 1999 to develop and market solutions that assure the quality of Building Information Models and make the entire design process more productive and efficient. Solibri is well recognized as the pioneer in providing out of the box software that automates the BIM Design.

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