The most important Smart City and BIM event of the year; BIMCITY Plaza Event 2015

SIMBIM® has proudly organized the BIMCITY Plaza Event in partnership with Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) organization (Fira Barcelona) as one of the main activities at the smart central plaza during Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona on 17-19 November 2015. BIMCITY Plaza Event was a special opportunity for demonstration of BIM solutions, workflow, uses, and their benefits throughout a large-scale BIM pilot project. In this event the process and uses of Building Information Modeling demonstrated as a smart solution to the AEC industry. The uses have been addressed for project and construction management, architectural development, collision detection, visualizations, simulations, and facility/asset management. In addition to demonstration of the BIM workflow and the pilot project, 3 sessions of intellectual presentations took place at speakers’ corner about BIM software solutions, BIM workflow, and BIM management techniques. BIMCITY is name of a pilot project, consists of BIM modeling of the main exhibition area of SCEWC 2015 by means of all permanent building elements of expo building facilities in addition to around 440 exhibition stands of different exhibitors. This project is realized throughout integration of many European BIM tools towards a real sense of the OPEN-BIM agenda, such as GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD, BIMserver, BIMcloud, BIMx, Solibri Model Checker, Abvent Twinmotion, and KUBUS BIMcollab. Process of realization: 1- Data Aggregation We collect data related to Fira Building (Main exhibition hall and building facilities) from many different sources, and by integrating them all together we created a BIM model that is not just a 3D visualization, but a database too. 2- Simulations We run a series of simulations on the validity of different designs and space organization of exhibition areas. Not just the buildings, but all the exhibition stands are re-modeled in BIM to simulate the accuracy and management of the final space of the event. 3- Collaboration Based on simulation results, we communicated with different departments of SCEWC to exchange information, where a series of reports were submitted to the organization committee during the process of managing and building the exhibition area. 4- Our Smart Building Database is ready. The BIM model will act as clusters of data to be connected and simulated within other databases to achieve a smart building network to be used as a database of information for smart cities agendas. This fifth edition of the Smart City summit has closed with the best figures yet, including the highest numbers of visitors (more than 14000) and exhibitors (more than 440) from around the world. This cements the Smart City Expo World Congress as the leading international event for urban innovation. bimcity2 bimcity6 bimcity7 About SIMBIM SIMBIM Solutions is one of the first pioneering and innovative BIM consultancy firms in Spain. In September 2013, SIMBIM as an innovative startup project received a certificate of feasibility from the municipality of Barcelona (Barcelona Activa) by means of an innovative and creative business model, identified target, and core business expertise. In 2014 SIMBIM was selected as part of Smart Catalonia by the Catalonian government, which enabled SIMBIM to represent creative BIM solutions to the AEC industry through the Smart City Expo 2014.