Solibri Anywhere - More than a BIM Viewer, and it’s completely free

Solibri Anywhere is recognized as an industry standard solution, with already 100.000 users world-wide. 

Solibri Anywhere in a nutshell

  • Combine multiple IFC files and save combined models, no matter what’s their size
  • Connect to various issue management platforms and communicate using BCF standards
  • Can be used also offline
  • Totally local – the data is not stored in third party data centers
  • No hidden costs – it’s completely free
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Effortless way to see relevant information

Did you know that you can combine multiple IFC files with the free Solibri Anywhere product?

Viewing, combining and saving multiple models is the foundation for efficient BIM. Solibri Anywhere provides all these features, and thus offers an easy starting point for utilizing BIM in your projects.

Solibri Anywhere provides great features for improving communication. You can also use it offline, making it a go-to-solution also for construction sites without internet connection.

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Solibri Anywhere for everyone – for free.

The great benefit of Building Information Modelling (BIM) is to connect and combine the different designs from architecture and engineering into one. It gives a shared information source to all the stakeholders of construction and infrastructure projects to improve collaboration and quality.

As fans of seamless and open information flows, we at Solibri believe that quality information should be easily accessible for all those who need it in your project. That’s why we offer Solibri Anywhere for everyone – for free.

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Download Solibri Anywhere

Happy with the features of Solibri Anywhere for now? Download it for free and connect to all the Solibri professionals in your project.