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Solibri Anywhere

As fans of seamless and open information flows, we at Solibri believe that quality information should be easily accessible for all those who need it in your project. That’s why we offer Solibri Anywhere for everyone – for free.

It’s for those who need to see what gets built

In any building project, there are those who design and manage, and those who actually build – which is why the relevant information must find its way efficiently also to those who are on site. But it doesn’t stop there.

Outside the construction site, you’re bound to have stakeholders like owners who need to see how the models and the project evolves, or after the construction, you get so much more out of your models by sharing information for building life-cycle management by using, for example, the once-defined information takeoffs and classifications.
With Solibri Anywhere, pulling this information directly from the model ensures it’s always up-to-date and at the fingertips of the right people, right when they need it.

It's for the doers

The daily work at the construction site is often split between various teams or subcontractors, each focusing on individual tasks assigned to them. For that, you need effortless ways to see only the relevant information for getting each task done without confusion or delay.
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