Solibri Solution Center

A few clicks gets you access to Solibri software.

A few clicks gets you access to Solibri software

For existing user administration, Solibri Solution Center (SSC) offers improved over the cloud co-ordination of user groups and license information. If you're an existing user, you can find new software add-ons to improve the experience of Solibri. Download local guidelines or building type rulesets to suit your model checking needs.

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Language Support

The SSC comes in a variety of local languages to help you do your work. You will be able to choose from English, Finnish, German and Japanese.  The SSC user interface, product extensions and descriptions can now be seen in these languages.

Stand-alone Products

Find all of Solibri’s software products in one place. All Solibri software is available to download from SSC.

Product Extensions

Improve the performance of Solibri by downloading specific extensions to do your job. The SSC provides Solibri and third party extensions. Whether it be rulesets for a specific country or classifications for specific building codes, you will find it all on SSC.

Make a Wish

Do you need some specific rulesets of classifications? Would you like to customize your Solibri? You can now browse SSC and ‘wish’ for products that will help you do your job. Your wishes are then shared with your administrator who can now focus on giving you what you need, when you need it.

Simple User Interface

Ease of use is something we focus upon in SSC. Simple log in pages and content information, mean less time wasted in unnecessary administration.

License and License Pool Management

The SSC is the cloud based location to register and administer Solibri users. New users can register to trial or buy Solibri. For larger companies with administrators, you can manage your licenses. You can create license pools and move floating licenses as needed.