Solibri's Commitment to Open BIM

OPEN BIM is a progressive, future-proof approach to AEC collaboration. It helps connect stakeholders such as software vendors, software users (architects, engineers and builders) as well as clients/owners to co-create great buildings. OPEN BIM ensures workflow transparency, longevity and accessibility of data for built assets. OPEN BIM is based upon open standards such as IFC from buildingSMART. The Nemetschek Group fully support buildingSMART’s openBIM program. We are also fully dedicated to the high quality standards defined by our OPEN BIM Charter and represented by our OPEN BIM logo.

We believe in that...

  1. Interoperability between project stakeholders must not be used as grounds for competition.
  2. Interoperability should be facilitated via development and support of open standards.
  3. Rigorous testing and certification criteria is a must for quality support of open standards.
  4. Proprietary format mandates must not be used to exclude candidates from project work.
  5. Free choice of software in project work must be a basic right for any project stakeholder.
  6. Industry stakeholders must publicly endorse and promote openBIM in the AEC community.