Find clashes between services and wall framing elements in no time with Solibri

The new Stud Opening Clash Detection rule helps you find clashes with elements that are rarely modelled but always built (e.g., studs) in no time. Save time and reduce the risk of unnecessary rework, associated delays, and costs.

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What you can not see

Typically, the wall framing elements such as studs are not modelled which makes them invisible to clash detection checks. If it doesn't exist in the model, you can’t check it. But once on site, it is common to find wall framing elements clashing with services (ventilation, pipes, electricity). This results in additional costs to fix the frames and relocate the services, delaying the construction process.

Currently, to identify these issues, designers either have to do a visual inspection of the models, or they have to model the framing elements hidden within the walls. In either case, every single opening must be checked manually, which is a very time-consuming process considering that large buildings may have hundreds of openings to check.

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Problem solved

Now, with the new Solibri Stud Opening Clash Detection rule, you can easily and quickly detect clashes between services and wall framing elements. No need to spend hours on visual inspection or modelling. The rule emulates the mass and position of keyframing elements (studs) in critical locations such as around openings. These are then used to check for clashes within the services identified in the rule filter.

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Gain control – fast

Solibri one easy rule

One easy rule

Find critical issues early on, quickly and efficiently, with only one easy to use rule.

Solibri no modeling

No modeling

No need to model framing elements hidden within the walls.

Solibri save time

Save time and money

Reduce the risk of unnecessary rework and associated delays and costs.

Constantly improving

Stud Opening Clash Detection is part of a collection of purpose-driven rules to help you save time, money, improve efficiency and manage risks. 

Keep an eye on Solibri Solutions for more purpose-driven rules.

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