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Did you hear we now offer Subscription?

We now offer an easy and low-cost way of getting your hands on Solibri Office. This allows you to make use of Solibri on a lighter scale – just perfect for smaller businesses or for getting you started. With less investment, you have all the benefits of world-class model checking, quality assurance and coordination at your fingertips.

  • Make only a small upfront investment with minimal obligation.
  • Use Solibri for a project’s duration. Evaluate and prove its value for yourself, your team, and your company.
  • Connect with peers worldwide in the Solibri community.
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What is Subscription?

Instead of purchasing a license, Solibri Office comes with the possibility to sign up for Subscription. It gives you an individual user permission for Solibri Office, meaning you have access to all the functionalities that our flagship of the Solibri Product Family has to offer, including best-of-breed model checking, effective issue handling and communication tools, next-generation information takeoff and extensive ways to map, report and classify the data in your models.

As we anticipate that you’ll appreciate Solibri so much that soon everyone will want to use it in your company, we’ve made expanding its use easy, as well. It’s a journey to quality that may very well change how you work.

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