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“To us, quality is something aspirational – a constant quest for better. Better results, better use of tools and a better future for our planet.”

Ville Kyytsönen – CEO

Why we're here

We grew up on construction sites. Wherever we looked we saw waste. We're not talking about garbage here – we witnessed wasted time, resources and at the end of the day: money. This got us thinking about the great opportunity digital tools would play in solving this mess.

Fast forward

What we set out to build back in 1996 has now become the go-to solution for digital builds. A small but powerful idea grew into a global standard. During these 25 years in business we have helped companies save billions in time and resources. Not only is this great for business but helps build a sustainable world for generations to come.

What drives us

40 % of all physical waste is related to construction. We can drastically reduce this number by avoiding construction mistakes.

Solibri in numbers

14 M

We estimate Solibri is used for 14 million hours this year.

1.7 B

Our customers have found 1.7 billion issues in their projects.


Solibri is actively used in 99 countries – ranging from Norway to New Zealand.

"Urbanization is our opportunity. This rapid change gives our mission a welcomed urgency. A challenge to make things right before it's too late. To fix issues in advance instead of afterwards."

Russell Anderson – Brand & Marketing Director

Our mission

We build a better world where digitization optimizes the use of resources for everyone. By doing so, Solibri is recognized as the de facto standard of quality in the construction industry.

How we want to change the world

Global impact is an ambitious goal. Yet we are confident this can become reality sooner than we think if we all work together, embracing the latest technology available. Being the de facto standard means our solution has a global reach. By constantly developing our services and improving our tools can we improve the world while it is being built.

Rewrite the skyline with Solibri

What we create at Solibri has an immediate effect on the world being built around us. Few companies can have this concrete an impact on a global scale. The solutions we develop improve workflows on building sites all over the planet. Few digital solutions have this tangible implications on our surroundings as Solibri.

Our values guide our actions and help us execute our mission

Changing how the world gets built is an ambitious goal. The only way we can succeed is through collaboration.


Our customers are experts in their field. To be successful we need to match and exceed their expectations in all touchpoints.


Complex builds rely on successful collaboration. Our solution plays a crucial part in this equation.


Quality runs in our DNA. This is both an expectation and a north star. In its purest form quality is almost unattainable but we are willing to give it a try. 


Where others see problems we see opportunities for improvement. Turning issues into impact is what gets us going.

Join us

Changing how the world is built is a challenge we embrace. An opportunity we cherish. A once in a lifetime chance to take part in a revolution shaping the very world we inhabit.

Join us in making this complex industry smoother, faster and more sustainable.

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