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Solibri Academic Program

Solibri is dedicated to preparing the next generation of students for work life and career success, and to lead in creating new and revolutionized quality assurance and control of designs and building information models. Solibri Academic Program provides comprehensive educational eLearning content and Solibri resources development opportunities to master BIM quality assurance & control (QA/QC) of building Information Models. Solibri academic program's mission is to; (i) provide both undergraduates & graduates with free basic training content & up-coming advanced training content, classrooms, and workshops to master Solibri software, (ii) provide graduates & degree students advanced hands-on API rules development training and certification with Solibri sponsored development projects.

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eLearning and video tutorials

Access digital material and learn at your own pace on our eLearning platform, Solibri Society.

Advanced workflow guides

Our Tips & Tricks documents include the most advanced workflows to superchange your work processes.

Solibri Lab

Onboarding 3rd party developers to become certified Solibri API rules developers

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Your learning and training options range from self-learning digital content, tips & tricks workflows, YouTube videos at the basic-stage, to advanced classroom & workshop training with industry professionals and Solibri certified training partners at the up-coming advanced stage, besides becoming certified 3rd party developer of Solibri API rules using our advanced API technology. The choice is yours!

Frequently asked questions

How long is the program?

Solibri academic program -Basic stage, is a free educational program that provides you with learning and training possibilities on your pace. You can have your time accessing and reading our digital content in Solibri Society, while advancing your Solibri usage skills on your classroom computers.

What is included in Solibri Academic Program?

Solibri academic program - Basic stage includes; (i) Basic Solibri training program, which provides you access to digital self-learning material, Youtube videos to demonstrate Solibri in action, Tips & Tricks documents for detailed work-flows, (ii) Solibri Lab program, is meant for graduate & degree students from both building construction and computer science disciplines, Solibri lab program onboards and trains you as a team to become certified Solibri API rules developers.

How do educators obtain Solibri product for their classes?

Universities can obtain free Solibri academic packages of NFR licenses (Not For Resale) for classroom training. Each NFR package contains 50 licenses, while it is possible to obtain up to 100 NFRs. Also, universities can obtain academic annual subscription packages each of 50 licenses with unlimited package numbers.

How do I sign up?

As a students, you need to have your name and valid university credentials shared with us so we will send you registration confirmation email. Once you confirm the email, you will be able to log into Solibri Society where you can access Solibri AP training content. Your name and credentials can be shared by your professor with Solibri partner in your local territory/market from whom your university obtained its academic educational licenses.

How do students access Solibri academic program content?

Students first need to register and become members of Solibri Society to access Solibri academic program platform. Once registered to Solibri Society, they can access the free digital content of solibri AP including self-eLearning content, Tips & Tricks, YouTube videos.

How do students get access to Solibri product in their classroom?

Academic institutes who have obtained Solibri academic packages (free NFR packages and/or annual subscription packages) and completed their registration to Solibri Solution Center (SSC), will set the licenses to the classroom computers and assign their students as users of Solibri software on those computers.

What is Solibri Lab?

Solibri lab is a special program directed to graduate and degree students from building construction and computer science disciplines/departments. Students from Building Construction departments will be trained to translate building code requirements (International and Local building code requirements) to textual specifications to create rules templates. While, students from Computer Science departments will be onboarded and trained to use Solibri API technology to develop the new API rule based on the specification, At the end of the training and development process, you become Solibri certified 3rd party developer of API rules.

How can I join Solibri Lab?

Solibri Lab program will be available for technical universities encompassing both building construction and computer science departments and who have obtained Solibri academic annual subscription package(s) in 2023 and beyond. Solibri lab's development projects will be backed with scholarships from Solibri and its certified 3rd party developer partners.

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