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Solibri puts you in control of model quality

The right tools for the right people, Solibri takes your quality assurance to a whole new level and helps ensure the information flows seamlessly from design to build. No more hiccups – the future of building better is here.

In the office, Solibri is your gatekeeper for quality, bringing all the models from different disciplines together for highly advanced model checking and quality assurance, making it easy for the BIM manager, engineers, designers and other involved parties to collaborate and solve any found issues.
The information is effortlessly available at the construction site, where site managers can easily view the models and take off not just the needed quantities but much more. For the subcontractors and other involved parties, the free Solibri version allows anyone to view the model anywhere, anytime and get the information they need to get their job done.

Solibri subscription plans

Solibri for you
Solibri Office full-time use for one named individual user. It can't be shared with other users.
Get Solibri for you
Perfect for
  • Small offices
  • Heavy users
  • Projects
Solibri for your team
Solibri Office/Site for full-time usage for teams sized between 2–70 concurrent users. The seats can be assigned to multiple users.
Get Solibri for your team
Perfect for
  • Mid-sized companies
  • Scalable
  • Cost effective
Solibri for enterprise
Solibri Office for full-time use for an unlimited number of users.
Get Solibri for Enterprise
Perfect for
  • Large builds
  • Multiple users
  • End-to-end workflow

Give everyone in your project the right tool for the right job, and start your journey to quality with Solibri.

Viewing models (IFC & SMC)
Viewing, commenting and editing issues
Exchanging issues with BCF Live Connector
Using markups & dimensions
Using classifications
Viewing Solibri Score
Combining multiple IFCs
Creating BCF Live issues
Creating classifications
Taking off quantities & more
Customizing Solibri via Solibri Developer Platform
CDE Integrations
Checking models
Customizing rules
Using autorun
Updating Solibri Score