Solibri 9.12.6 Release Highlights: Turning project data to visual information

Solibri version 9.12.6 brings a completely new feature, Solibri Score. It introduces a new, simple and visual way to assess how the quality of the project develops. Update to the new version to get access to this feature!

Solibri Score helps to understand the quality of your project and saves time analyzing the data manually. When updated regularly, the scores will offer a way to follow the trend, and visualize how your situation develops over time.  Watch the video below to see how it works.

Solibri Score has two visualized metrics: Project coverage and Rules coverage. The Project coverage Score shows how many of the model’s components have issues out of the total checked components on a project. This will help you assess how good coverage your checks have on the project, providing a simple, visual way to show the overall status.

The Rules coverage score shows to what extent the rule templates have been used in checking based on the industry. It shows how many rules have been used compared to all the predefined rules in Solibri and what industries they are relevant for. To help our users to get basic knowledge on how to utilize and manipulate the rules, we introduce a new Tutorial Series. See the introduction here and follow the series to get to grips with rules.

Running the checks and updating the Score is possible with Solibri Office. In case the model is saved together with the Score results, they can be viewed in Solibri Anywhere and Site. Score is disabled for users with offline licenses. However, if you would like to enable it you can do so via the VM options. Please go to our Online Help Center for more guidance on utilizing this feature.

We will be working on improving Solibri Score in our future releases by adding new data points and KPIs to allow you to get more out of your project data. So keep an eye out for the future releases!

Other improvements

Among other improvements, we have resolved some issues with BCF Live Connector’s issue duplication with BIMcollab and BIM Track. We have also fixed a few other bugs.

You can find more detailed information on all the release contents from the Release Notes.

Contact your Solibri Admin to get the new version. Please note that in order to get this new version, in addition to comprehensive customer support and all the future software releases, you need to have a valid Support & Service Agreement or Subscription.