Solibri 9.10.3 Release Notes

This release brings a variety of different functionalities and fixes in Solibri Office, Site and Anywhere.


Issue Priority Field

  • Import and Export: BCF v2.0, BCF v2.1 and BCF API
  • Export issue priority to Coordination Report (Excel)
  • Search issues by priority
  • Change priority in Issue Details view and in the panel under 3D view
  • New issue priority column in table of the Issues view

Faster Classifications

  • Performance of classifications that refer to other classifications are improved.
  • Performance of normal classifications are improved.
  • IFC imports are also faster because classifications are re-evaluated after the IFC import.

Latitude and Longitude

  • Show latitude and longitude values with greater precision e.g. 49°17'12.8676''

Updates to Japanese Classifications

  • スペース用途
  • 建築要素 - 一般
  • 非常口

Updates to Finnish Rulesets

  • Kalusteiden ja muiden objektien tarkastus
  • Projektikohtaiset tilavaatimukset
  • Talotekniikka ja arkkitehtimalli
  • Tilojen tarkastus
  • Edistynyt tilojen tarkastus

Updates to Finnish Classifications According Talo 2000 Standard

  • Uloskäytäväovet
  • Pystykulku
  • Rakennusosat
  • TIlojen käyttötarkoitus
  • Kalustus
  • Tilaryhmät

Rules API Improvements

  • Provide access to Building containing a Component
  • Provide access to Covering components
  • Provide access to Beam components
  • Provide access to System containing a Component (as FunctionalSystem)
  • Provide access to SpaceBoundaryArea
  • Provide access to Component's Material
  • Expose whether a Component is on the building envelope
  • Remove [default] property set
  • Remove unused DistanceService
  • API version number now matches Solibri Desktop.

Bug Fixes


  • Fix import of IfcTessellatedFaceSet and IfcIndexedPolygonalFace for SurfaceOrSolidModel representations
  • Fix import of IfcNonNegativeLengthMeasure, e.g. Window and Door lining properties uses this


  • Fix bug in BCF Connector regarding multiple responsibilities in an issue
  • Fix issues not always downloaded when creating a new presentation from BCF server
  • Fix model not marked modified after synchronizing with a BCF server
  • Fix BCF REST API paging support with Bimsync


  • Fix pivot point setting is not used with the coordinate stamp