Solibri 9.10.8 Release Notes

Solibri 9.10.8 brings a variety of different functionalities and fixes in Solibri Office, Site and Anywhere.

New features

Show/Hide floor selection tool

  • A new, easy to use floor selection tool has been added to the 3D toolbar, which can be used to easily adjust the visibility of one or more floors.

API additions

  • Custom settings: It is now possible to define custom settings for the software. The defined settings will be visible in the user interface.
  • Custom information: It is now possible to define custom informations for building components. Custom infos will be displayed in the information view in a separate tab.
  • Custom views: It is now possible to build customized views in the software. This allows displaying arbitrary data in the custom view just the way you want.

Autorun available for all Solibri Office users

Autorun is now available for all Solibri Office users! Autorun is a feature for automating routine tasks in Solibri Office. Tasks such as running checks, exporting found issues as BCF files and creating presentations, are pre-defined in an XML file, which is given as a command line argument or scheduled task for Solibri to execute. Support for Autorun will be provided via Solibri Society and documentation will be available in the Solibri Developer Platform pages. For more information, please refer to the Autorun section in Solibri Society.


    Solibri Developer Platform

    • Support for setting and reading the view layouts through the API.
    • Support for setting and reading the 3D camera position through the API.
    • Support for reading the 3D image from the 3D view.
    • Support for category hierarchies when creating issues from rules.
    • Support for reading some of the existing built-in settings through the API.
    • Support for reading Presentations, Slides and Viewpoints through the API.
    • Support for reading the current software users username through the API.
    • Support for reading the ITO calculation results through the API.
    • Added Box to the geometry API.

    IFC improvements

    • Added support for extrusions inside surface models.
    • Added support for IFCFACETEDBREPWITHVOIDS -geometry.

    BCF improvements

    • BCF-API server connection to BIMcollab is now available.


    • File saving has been improved to reduce the risk of file corruption.
    • VMOptions has been updated to have a fallback default memory of 8gb, in case the machine memory cannot be properly assessed.
    • Dimensions can now be set to always be displayed in front of components.
    • It is now possible to run rules inside a single ruleset concurrently. Previously only separate rulesets were run concurrently.
    • A number of German translations have been modified as well as fixes to German resources.
    • Multiple logging enhancements.
    • Multiple 3rd party dependencies updated.
    • It is now possible to search for missing property values in presentations.
    • COBie UK Resources - Classifications and COBie settings reflect the January 2020 update to Uniclass 2015.

    Bug Fixes

    IFC-related fixes

    • Fixed an issue regarding IFC Entity value not updating when a model is updated.
    • Fixed an issue where IFC4 extrusion roofs were incorrectly displayed twisted.
    • Fixed an issue regarding PROFILE information missing in IFC4 files created with Allplan.

    API fixes

    • Resolved an issue regarding Ray2d intersection calculation returning unwanted results.

    Other fixes

    • Resolved an issue where adding a slide to checking results caused comments to be copied from one issue to another.
    • Disabled "From Information Takeoff Results" option when there are no ITO results.
    • Fixed a memory leak in the class hierarchy of the Model tree.
    • Fixed an issue regarding the cutting of components with extrusion profile holes, where Solibri did not display all tiled surfaces correctly.
    • Multiple fixes made regarding multi-threading issues.
    • Fixed an issue where Sectioning around the selection basket/selected component did not work.
    • Resolved an issue regarding certain property tabs not showing up at all after models are updated.

    Known issues

    COBie Extension

    • 9.10.8 requires updates to both the COBie Extension and UK Resources due to java platform changes (resolves javascript errors in calculation).