Solibri 9.12.0 Release Notes

Solibri 9.12.0 brings a variety of different functionalities and fixes in Solibri Office, Site and Anywhere.

New features

BCF Live Connector

Solibri 9.12.0 introduces the new BCF Live Connector, which comes with its very own layout. The BCF Live connector brings users a new, simplified BCF Live view, as well as a Live Issue Details view. The connection itself is more stable than the previous connector, and live, meaning that all users working on the issue management server project continuously have access to the newest information. We have also implemented a Conflict Resolution dialogue, to handle the issue of two users overwriting each other’s data. In the case of mid-air collisions, Solibri users will be prompted which version of data they wish to keep.

The Live connection will also avoid large transfers of data, but rather handle transfers in small bundles to make synchronization of issues seamless. BCF Live Connector is compatible with any BCF server that is compliant with the BCF-API standard, such as Aconex, BIM Track, BIMcollab and Bimsync. Please refer to Solibri Society more information on the BCF Live Connector.


    Java 11 and 15

    • Updated Java runtime version from Oracle JRE 8 to AdoptOpenJDK 15 (Windows) and AdoptOpenJDK 11 (mac).
    • Includes fixes to e.g. UI libraries and security.
    • Application level scaling for high resolution screens with display scaling now supported.

    3D View

    • Improved stability and speed.
    • The effective rendering area is now larger. Footprint controls and communication layout controls are now overlaid in the 3D view.
    • Un-docking and docking is enabled on Mac.
    • "Retain 3D Context" setting is removed since the 3D context is not changed anymore.

    Checking features

    • Checking decision regarding an issue created from category level is now always reflected in the issues view, the same way as it is in the Issue Details view.
    • Check Selected no longer removes links to previous checking results from issues.
    • A new notification has been added to warn users about using Check Selected when model or rule parameters have been modified.

    Solibri Developer Platform

    Note: Custom resources developed with Java are now run with AdoptOpenJDK 11.

    Java API has expanded considerably in the following areas:

    • BCF and communication
    • Checking results handling
    • Information Takeoff
    • 3D view and Camera
    • Custom views and information

    For more information please refer to the Solibri Developer Platform.

    Bug Fixes

    • Resolved an issue where updating an IFC model failed to remove certain values which no longer exist in the updated model.
    • Fixed an issue with the geometry processing progress monitor not showing up after model opening.
    • Fixed a bug in the API Rule Parameter Panel with ComboBox which caused API rules to fail to produce results.
    • Fixed a bug in the API where the Intersection of a polygon and segment in 3d was not being found.
    • Resolved an issue where editing BOOLEAN or STRING typed custom information in classifications was not working.
    • Resolved an issue where certain SMV models were not opening with Solibri.
    • Fixed ITO xls export to indicate angles in degrees, and not radians.
    • Resolved an issue with floor shortnames not being dynamically updated in the Show/Hide Floors tool.
    • Resolved an issue regarding right-click menu options not always being selectable for mac users. 

    Statistical usage data collection

    Beginning with Solibri 9.12.0, statistical software usage data is being collected to aid in the development of the software. More information available here.

    Known issues

    Installing in directories which contain special character

    Installing Solibri in directories which are named with special characters, e.g. ä or ö, is not supported.

    Mac file selection dialogues

    File selection dialogues have changed in Mac. It is still possible to select the file you need, however the typical quick navigation from the left pane is missing.

    Touchscreen support

    Two-finger touchscreen gestures are not supported in 9.12.0.