Solibri 9.12.9 Release Notes

This release brings to life some of the most requested visualization and UX features by our users.


Color fill for section planes

  • Added new options in the sectioning settings that allow the user to fill the sections with colors.
  • Users can define which colors to use as well as the color fill transparency levels.

3D model edge rendering

  • Added new rendering options for model edges/outlines that create an improved look & feel for the 3d models.
  • Users can control the edge line color, thickness and transparency.

Component transparency ordering

  • Added a new setting that allows Solibri to better sort components in the model, so that the order is based on the proximity to the camera.
  • This setting is on by default in the new version, but users can set the level of transparency according to their choice.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Solibri was not exporting the originating system for components in BLC.
  • Fixed an issue where Solibri automatically zooms out of the model after deleting a component.
  • Fixed an issue where slabs with openings and thickness of less than 5mm failed to show in 3D correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Fingerprint could not be created in Offline Licensing Tool on a computer where WMIC is disallowed.
  • Fixed an issue where Solibri did not allow for role selection even when the role selection box is checked in ‘Settings’.
  • Fixed an issue where classified components do not always show with the color set in the classification.
  • Fixed an issue where the deep hierarchy of IFCLOCALPLACEMENTs was not imported from IFC.
  • Fixed an issue in BLC where the data that was sent in the $filter was not URL encoded.

Security updates

  • Solibri version 9.12.9 uses the latest version of the Spring framework library and hence is not at risk of vulnerability.