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The Clash Detection Matrix - Learn how to utilize for your workflow

Join us for this webinar and learn how to tailor the Clash Detection Matrix to match your needs and the different use cases on how to get the most out of this new tool.

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Join us for a webinar introducing the Clash Detection Matrix, a powerful new feature in Solibri's latest release. Discover how it can simplify your checking workflow, find issues faster, and save you time.

Why Clash Detection Matrix?

With clash checking/detection a vital part of your workflow, we are proud to announce Solibri’s latest development in clash checking - The Clash Detection Matrix.

In the past, clash checking has been a timely and manual workflow. But now, you will clash no more. Carrying out geometric and clash detection checking with our new Clash Detection Matrix makes checking more automated, simpler, and most importantly, saves you time.

By using a matrix format, it is now easier to make sure all relevant items are included in the checking process, by easily viewing and verifying the information. Results are now easier to visualize, including a heat map of colors showing results based on their level of criticality. This gives you a quick overview of the model areas that produce the most issues.

See in action

Our Solibri expert Paul Linder, Product Manager Strategy, will demonstrate the new Clash Detection Matrix in action and answered some questions during the session.

The webinar is held in English.